ProQM focus on servicing our clients  by representing them at their nominated suppliers facility, for various inspections and surveillance activities. ProQM is NATA accredited to ISO/IEC 17020, and will provide all our clients with NATA accredited reports for all services we offer.

We can assist in this process in many ways, to ensure project hand over to the client is a smooth process with all the required traceability in place. 

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Whether you're not sure about how to monitor and/or implement a successful Quality System at your company or within your supply chain, or simply want us to manage this for you, we can help with developing a program that will allow you to run your business while we take care of the rest. Contact us to find out how we can service your needs.

Why ProQM exists.....

Over our time, working for some of the largest construction companies in Australia, as quality professionals, we constantly see small quality assurance departments expending their valuable staff members to visit their suppliers and contractors to ensure compliance with their project requirements, quite often leaving a hole within their team .


We believe that by outsourcing these requirements to a company that has the expertise and knowledge, works efficiently and effectively and shares the same goals and values that you do, will enable your team to continue to focus on their roles within your company's scope of work. We are committed to impartiality in carrying out all activities especially during inspections, proactively managing potential conflicts of interest and ensuring objectivity. Impartiality, confidentiality and independence are key values within our business.


ProQM is passionate about our support and culture, and want to share our vision with you.

At the end of the day Quality Inspections and Quality Control will save you money......





ProQM Coating inspection certification body

Weld Technology Institute of Australia Welding inspectors

CCAA Trained

Certified ISO9001 auditors

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