​About our specialties...
With many years of experience, we want to pass on our knowledge and learnings to you and your team.


Coatings provide an integral part to a construction element. Durability and corrosion protection is paramount to preserving your investment. With ProQMs' NACE certified coatings inspectors, we can provide you peace of mind in the following areas:

  • 3rd party inspection program

  • Independent inspection for application company

  • Site inspection

  • Blast through to final inspection

  • Existing coatings condition reporting

  • Coatings meet the required standards

  • Record keeping for traceability is kept


During the welding and fabrication of structural steel, it is important to ensure the supplier is completing the works to the relevant Australian standards and project specifications, ProQM can ensure the following:

  • Weld procedures are approved - WPS

  • Operator is qualified to procedures - WPQR

  • Nondestructive testing is completed - NDT

  • Relevant documentation is recorded

  • Dimensional checks are carried out

  • Material traceability is completed

  • Manufacturers data report is correct - MDR


Attending hold points for the preparation of precast items in line with project specifications. ProQM have actively taken part in thousands of precast pre pour inspections over the years. some key items we “cover” off on are:

  • Reinforcement fabrication and placement

  • Welding traceability of reo, laps and splicing

  • Concrete mix designs and quarry certificates.

  • Concrete test procedures and witness of testing.

  • Dimensional checks

  • post curing cover checks

QA/QC Systems

Building a quality system that is suited to your project or company is important. Complicated systems can provide Inefficiencies in your team and add minimal value. It is important to ensure that the system provides the required outcome and traceability whether it's for

  • Project completion and hand over

  • Internal certification

  • Government or regulatory requirements

  • Process/Product traceability

  • Good record keeping

  • Client requirements

  • Good practice


Defect management

During the final stages of a construction project, the completion and handover process can be a hard task to manage. ProQM provide a software solution to manage each defect large or small, with a full reporting function. Simple to manage tablet application that is utilized during client handover to track the following

  • Defect location and details

  • Identification of defect on a .pdf drawing

  • Real time status

  • Contractor management of defect repair

  • Close out of defect with sub-contractor

  • Hand over to client with approval

  • Reporting functionality 


Quality auditing provides a screen shot of how well a Quality systems is working. This can be completed on behalf of the client at the supplier or client. ISO9001 is also a strong tool that some companies wish to implement or have an external independent review carried out. In relation to this ProQM can provide:

  • ISO9001 compatibility review

  • System review for certification

  • Internal audits to maintain certification

  • Supplier audits

  • Project QA audits